• performing galvanic processes (oxidation/gilding of silver, selective gilding of silver, working with acids);
  • selecting the configuration of laboratory equipment and devices required for testing, research or process control;
  • conducting tests and analysis of galvanic baths and documenting the results;
  • measuring the thickness of the galvanic coating and documenting the results;
  • visual assessment of the coating, quality control after galvanic processes;
  • cooperation with suppliers of chemical reagents;
  • conducting a quality inspection of the materials that arrived;
  • maintaining the necessary documentation;
  • handling devices for loading and unloading materials;
  • monitoring the condition of tanks and containers;
  • caring for order in the workplace.


  • minimum 3 years of experience in preparation of chemical reagents is a must;
  • chemistry education;
  • basic technical knowledge, knowledge in the field of material science and technical drawing will be a plus;
  • knowledge of Polish at least at the level of communication.

What we offer:

  • official employment;
  • full employment (5-day working week);
  • paid leave and sick leave;
  • comfortable working conditions and friendly working atmosphere;
  • opportunity for development and learning.

The salary:

* is discussed individually depending on the experience and level of qualification of the candidate.

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