Martial Arts Styles

Shaolin Kung Fu

Country: Niue
Year of Issue: 2024
Face Value: 10 dollars
Metal: Silver. 999
Weight: 5 oz
Dimensions 65 mm
Quality: Antique finish
Mintage: 333 pcs
Features: Jasper insert, gilding, edge numbering
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The Shaolin Kung Fu coin stands as the resplendent pinnacle within the Martial Arts Style series. As the sixth and final gem, it honors the unique age-old discipline born in the sacred precincts of China's Shaolin Temple. The practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu become vessels through which the elemental forces of the universe flow. Every graceful stance or explosive strike becomes a sublime tribute to the harmonious dance of life.

This magnificent piece, weighing a substantial 5 oz and measuring an impressive 65 mm, features a captivating jasper insert along the intricate gilding. It serves as a portal to where power and grace are flawlessly balanced.