MINT XXI Summer Launch Catalogue 2021

We are glad to present you MINT XXI Summer Launch Catalogue 2021. It contains silver collectible coins of different designs, diameters, and weights. Every coin is unique in its own way because while creating it, the artists of MINT XXI used various special features, including gilding, digital printing, high relief, special finish, and selective gilding. Note that all of these silver items are made in antique finish. Designs include depicting legendary warriors, animals, celestial bodies, and deities. The mintages are limited and equal to either 500 or 999 pieces for global distribution.

In this catalogue, you will meet the coins that continue the popular series of MINT XXI, namely:

– Planets and Gods

– Warriors of Ancient China

– Legendary Warriors

– Moments of Love

– Goddesses of Health

Choose which coins from MINT XXI Summer Launch Catalogue 2021 will become new highlights of your collection!

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