Country: Niue
Year of Issue: 2024
Face Value: 5 dollars
Metal: Silver. 999
Weight: 3 oz
Dimensions 55 mm
Quality: Antique finish
Mintage: 500 pcs
Features: Selective gilding, high relief, amber inset
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In the tapestry of Slavic mythology, Dazhbog embodies the sun’s life-giving essence, nurturing the Earth with warmth and light. A falcon, the manifestation of such power, is perched on god’s forearm – like solar energy, it hovers majestically above the ground. The ‘Sun-father’ meanwhile, in a traditional embroidered shirt with an opulent staff in hand, commands the ever-turning nature’s cycle.

The Dazhbog coin gleams with an amber insert and gilded accents to reflect the eternal light bestowed by the deity. Embrace divine radiance with the Dazhbog coin, a timeless reminder of nature's vitality and the eternal Sun God's benevolence.

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