Celestial Beauty

Leda and the Swan 1 Kilo

Country: Republic of Cameroon
Year of Issue: 2024
Face Value: 10 000 francs CFA
Metal: Silver. 999
Weight: 1 Kg
Dimensions 100 mm
Quality: Antique finish
Mintage: 99 pcs
Features: High relief, hand polishing, edge numbering
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Unveil the fusion of mortal and divine with the 'Leda and the Swan 1 Kilo’ Special Edition. Crafted with unparalleled finesse, this collectible encapsulates the eternal dance of divinity and desire, immortalizing Zeus's legendary seduction in the guise of a swan. Even almighty Zeus can succumb to the alluring charms of Leda's celestial beauty. The coin boasts high relief and hand-polished brilliance, reflecting the intricate details of this passionate story. A hefty one kilogram of pure silver serves as the canvas for this ancient Greek myth of transformation.

‘Leda and the Swan 1 Kilo’ coin by MINT XXI is a testimony to the ultimate craftsmanship of the Celestial Beauty flagship collection.

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