The Great Greek Mythology

Theseus & Ariadne

Country: Cameroon
Year of Issue: 2024
Face Value: 2000 francs CFA
Metal: Silver. 999
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions 50 mm
Quality: Antique finish
Mintage: 500 pcs
Features: High relief, selective gilding
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Discover the timeless tale of Theseus and Ariadne, a story that weaves together love and bravery. In the heart of the labyrinth, where the menacing Minotaur lurked, Theseus, a hero of unparalleled valor, found his salvation through the guidance of Ariadne. The intricate details on the reverse bring the story to life, showcasing Theseus and Ariadne, guiding him with her gilded thread through the labyrinth. Amid 2 oz silver coin, their hearts intertwined, creating a love story that transcends the ages.

Explore the enigmatic depths of myth, where courage and devotion triumph over darkness.