Summer Launch 2022 Is Around The Corner

We’re thrilled to announce that our 2022 Summer Launch is approaching. It’s full of new, exclusive, carefully minted coins in world-renowned and unique themes. Celebrating antiquity and modern art, depicting acknowledged masterpieces and upcoming trends, made for young and mature connoisseurs is versatile. However, before the catalog release, you can already take a sneak peek into the contents. 

Among the main reasons to anticipate the release is The Scream coin. An interpretation of the expressionism icon, it’s crafted with colorful digital printing and brilliant proof-like quality. As a passionate collector of remarkable masterpieces, you’re sure to give your heart to the Sunflowers coin. Made of lightweight silver, it’s the designer’s artistic rendering in stained glass. 

In the same way, lovers of Oriental art will be specifically interested in the Japanese Samurai and Three Wise Monkeys coins. Their refreshing exposition, complex detailing, and dazzling finish magnify the coins’ radiant attraction. 

Also, it’s high time to bring out the majestic musical theme. Carmen starts the Titans of Music series with the iconic and world-famous masterpiece. The digital printing with high relief conveys the composer’s mastery in creating the passionate and ardent story of love. Being at the top of music artistry titans, it becomes your numismatic collection’s highlight. 

Antique art collectors will also notice the David and Goliath, Panathenaic Prize Amphora, and Andromeda and the Sea Monster coins. They radiate the divine and ethereal beauty, mesmerize with high relief details, and bring inspiration to whoever’s gaze rests on them. 

The David and Goliath coin metaphorically represent current events. Inspired by the Biblical story, it symbolizes Ukraine’s heroic fight against the Russian invasion. 

Besides silver coins, our launch includes a limited meteorite edition: minimalistic Cube Coin. It comes in a transformative package with a cube, which is a part of a 4.5 billion-year-old Aletai meteorite. The coin’s exquisite touch of antique finish creates a subdued matte appearance giving it a refined look. 

The release wouldn’t be complete without the exclusive Lord of the Rings, hunting Panther, and Keep Your Luck coins. Celebrating a courageous hobbit, depicting a jungle apex predator, or bringing you luck – these coins are worth a detailed look. However, crypto enthusiasts would love the Doge coin. Dedicated to the United Crypto States – a virtual community of collectors – it reflects the physical and virtual embodiment of money. Joining the Liberty coin in the collection, it’s a physical embodiment of its virtual counterpart, holding a real dogecoin value and protected with holographic insertion. 

Last but not least, there are several closing series. Created for young connoisseurs, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Saggitarius are finishing the Baby Zodiacs series, encouraging kids to explore the incredible numismatics world. 

Moreover, celebrating the cabalistic art of love, Kama Sutra IV concludes the Moments of Love series. Its selective gilding and antique finish emphasize floral motifs and enhance the visual interest.   

Can you already imagine these masterpieces in your collection? If so, stay tuned to be among the first to get our Summer Catalog with more details.

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