The Great Greek Mythology – Timeless Source of Inspiration

Mount Olympus — the abode of the mighty gods that rule our universe headed by formidable Zeus. This divine land is celebrated in hundreds of stories and works of art. But what draws our attention the most is its dwellers, who, despite their unearthly nature, are no strangers to human feelings. 

Like the whole world, including artists, poets, and sculptors, MINT XXI keeps getting inspired by the depth and artistry of mythical images. Designers of MINT XXI keep getting inspired by the depth and artistry of mythical images. Ancient Greek deities and creatures depicted in Homer’s The Iliad, Beethoven’s The Creatures of Prometheus, or Leighton’s Perseus and Andromeda, resulted in our new series — The Great Greek Mythology.

The collection is our interpretation of mythical characters combined with a unique artistic vision. Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Cyclops coins start the most extensive numismatic series of Ancient Greek myths, coming in various sizes. Skillful high-relief details, complex compositions, perspective, the play of light and shadow, and selective gilding highlights — all these are only a peek into the series.

Created for lovers of Ancient Greek legends, each coin portrays a story of its persona. Let’s take a closer look at the first released coins of the collection.

  • The Olympian goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation, captivates you with her divine charm. Selective gilding distinctively highlights the apple, a well-known symbol of temptation, one of Aphrodite’s attributes. Appearing from the sea foam, you can almost feel the warm breeze fluttering her hair.  With the look of the antique finish, the coin depicts the goddess staring into the distance in fascination. This look of beauty itself repeatedly made men fall in love and even caused the Trojan war.

  • Poseidon, the god of the sea, is a mighty bearded man wielding his gilded trident. The antique finish details him in the raging sea element. His trident is raised in the air as he’s about to strike. But is he saving the travelers from the sea monster, or is it one of his sacrifices? Forged by the Cyclopes Brothers, his trident comes to the forefront of the image. This mighty weapon, decorated with marine details, echoes other Poseidon’s symbol of power — his crown.

  • Cyclops depicts the one-eyed giant and his workman nature. As a son of Uranus and Gaea, he is a skillful blacksmith wielding his handcrafted hammer. Despite the Cyclops’s repulsive appearance, he doesn’t evoke disgust but rather pity. His vivacious facial expression and sad eye show the full spectrum of suffering he bears. The Cyclops’s immense power is considered on par with a Titan or an Olympian, which you can see through the detailing of his muscles. The antique finish quality defines the tiniest elements of the coin, even in the shadows in the background.

Ancient Greek mythology is a timeless gateway to inspiration. Its world-famous masterpieces keep capturing and fascinating the hearts of many generations. People with different artistic backgrounds find inspiration in various details of the images, the myth plots, and even in the characters’ personalities. 

The Great Greek Mythology series allows you to enrich your source of creativity, celebrate your favourite mythological characters, or add a period piece to your numismatic collection. It opens its majestic gates to the world of ancient wisdom, eternal beauty, and incredible feats. Now’s the time to enter.

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